You can place your order on our website right HERE for our weekly signature cakes and our catalogue of celebration cakes. You can place an order online for in-store pickup and view our live calendar. Our catalogue cakes are open to customization and available with a 1-2 week notice, but we will always try our best to accommodate short notice requests. If you are looking for something more custom than our catalogue designs, we require a minimum 2-3 week notice. For wedding orders, it is recommended to book 3+ months in advance. For our Signatures cakes, we require a 1 week notice, but will try our best to accommodate short notice requests. Starting May 2022, our Signature cakes will be available in store during store hours.

For custom cakes and online orders, we require full payment to confirm your order. For wedding cakes we require a 50% deposit to confirm the booking and the remaining 50% balance is due 7 days prior to the wedding day.

Please view our full order policy HERE

We want your cake to make it to your destination in perfect condition. There are a few things you can do to keep your cake safe as you transport it from our shop to your celebration:

The safest place for your cake is on the floor on the passenger side or the backseat area of your vehicle. This is an even, flat space with minimal room for the cake box to slide around. Plus, the backseat is temperature-controlled so you have a higher chance of keeping your cake nice and cool, preventing slipping. Avoid putting your cake in your trunk, on a seat or on someone’s lap.

It’s ideal to have air conditioning that works well to keep your car and cake nice and cool. Your cake is beautiful and we want it to stay lovely from the time you leave our shop to the time it arrives at its final destination. Buttercream is made out of butter, which can soften up as it gets warm. A vehicle with air conditioning that works well will help keep your buttercream cool and prevent it from softening and beginning to melt. Buttercream that is too warm from being in a hot car can slip and slide from bumps, potholes, quick stops and sharp turns

Drive carefully as your cake is special cargo. Take turns slower than you usually would and avoid bumps and potholes as much as possible.

If you are transporting your cake to a destination that is further than 30-45 minutes away, please let us know so we can take special care to have your cake nice and chilled when you pick it up.

Please note: Once the cake leaves our shop, we are not responsible for what happens on the transportation journey. Please follow the transportation instructions above and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns

Yes, we do offer eggless, vegan, gluten FRIENDLY, and nut FRIENDLY items, but they are made in a kitchen that has gluten, dairy and nut products, so there’s always the risk that cross-contamination may occur. We cannot be held responsible for allergic outbreaks.

We will provide a custom delivery/set-up quote for wedding/tiered cakes or large bakery orders. This will include travel and set-up time (if required) and requires a contract to be signed by both parties. Regarding dessert tables, our packages include delivery and sefup.

Unfortunately, we do not take orders of any kind over Instagram DM

We typically require a 1-2 weeks notice to book a Signature or Catalogue cake. The earlier the better, but we will always try our best to accommodate last minute requests!

Mann & Co Bakeshop offers Catalogue cakes, wedding cakes, custom cakes, dessert tables (including donut wall and sweet cart rentals), and everyday pastries

Yes, we do! Our storefront is located on 13411 71A Avenue in Surrey, BC. WE have a variety of stuffed cupcakes, cookies, ready to-go cakes and pastries daily.

We currently do not offer edible images. The images on our catalogue cakes are printed on regular paper and placed on a layer of fondant and then onto the cake. Please remove all images and toppers when ready to serve.

Please note that the deeper and more vibrant buttercream colors require us to use a large amount of gel color. This may alter the taste of the buttercream and result in staining your teeth. We highly recommend choosing a slightly lighter exterior buttercream color.